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In Home Care - What Should You Know About Home Care Agencies?

Home care providers differ in many ways: types of services provided, fees for services, policies and procedures, and administrative structure. They are large and small, non-profit and for-profit, Medicare-certified and non-Medicare certified.

The types of home care agencies listed below are not all all-inclusive. Home care service providers offer a range of services including short-term medical care, long-term personal care, and housekeeping. It is helpful to clarify the type of reimbursement an agency accepts as well as the level of care it provides.

Social Service Agencies

In some communities, home care services are available through social service agencies. Most of these organizations are non-profit; many have a religious affiliation. These agencies often furnish other services in addition to home care. For example, an agency may conduct a preliminary assessment by a nurse or social worker, and/or involve a social worker to help with decision making, counseling, coordination and adjusting to a care plan.

Homemaker/Home Care Agencies

These agencies provide a variety of non-medical home support services. They can provide homemakers, home health aides, chore housekeepers and other workers. The workforce is generally not under the direct supervision of a medical professional and services are not usually Medicare reimbursable.

Home Health Care Agencies

These agencies, some of which are hospital affiliated, focus on the medical aspects of care. Their professionally trained personnel (e.g., registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physical therapist, etc.) can do dressing changes, monitor vital signs, and perform other tasks as required by the physician or nurse. Most also offer the services of certified nurse assistants who are supervised by licensed professional nurses. Some agencies do provide non-medical home care services.

Nurse Agencies

These agencies may be, but are not always, Medicare-certified. In addition to private duty registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and/or skilled therapists (for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech theraphy), these agencies often provide certified nurse aides and homemakers.


Social Services Departments at hospitals are a good place to locate information on in-home help agencies. In addition, there is an extensive national network of State and Area Agencies on Aging that links seniors with services in their communities. For information about these services anywhere in the country, call ELDERCARE LOCATOR AT 800-677-1116. If you are eligible for government-sponsored services, your Area Agency on Aging can select the home care provider for you.

Date added: 07/20/2011

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